Here at, we put philanthropy first. We have partnered with U R The Future Charity, an innovative Self-Worth Charity, that will create a future we all want to live in. Check out more about URTFC and our partnership HERE. Together, we will provide amazing Opportunities for fans, creators, and businesses.


Forcer prides itself on being inclusive and standing up for equality. Our app was created to bring the world together and financially support creators no matter if they are the biggest or just having fun in their free time. The majority of our funds from our app go to the creators and giveaways for fans. This is accomplished through our partnerships with URTFC and Creators.

The Forcer Social House (Creator Village) was created for all creators to have a safe place to come and create more amazing content for fans. Throughout 2020, it has evolved into a membership platform to give fans the most access to their favorite content creators. Your membership is more than just a membership, you become a philanthropist when you sign up. 20% of every membership goes to URTFC, 40% goes into creators making more content and private content for you, and 40% goes into growing Forcer to create more ways of helping you get more content and Opportunities.


Imagine getting a $5 or a $20 Creator Village membership. Then finding out on top of the amazing exclusive content, you also are helping the world. Come out to exclusive meet and greets, come volunteer and clean up beaches, or feed the hungry with your favorite creators. Be one of the first philanthropists to get a membership and get the chance of doing charity work side by side with your favorite Influencer. Volunteer sign up sheet is here